2003r2 Server, it had this neat feature where it decommissions itself...

So Sunday evening after a nice day lounging in the sun I see an email from my colleague, Dave sent to the sys admin group.

...."old internal dev server seems to have died, can the first person in on Monday check on it please"....

So in I go.

The server itself was powered up but refused to output to the monitor. At this point RDP had also failed. After giving it a while and making sure that it just hadn't got stuck in a bad place, I power cycled it.

It refused to come back up.

The weird flashing LED codes tried to tell us the disks or controller was faulty. Ok Dell.

I proceeded to transplant the RAID controller and drives into a similar Dell (full disclosure: this was server to workstation).

After disconnecting the current drives and fitting the donor RAID card and drives (including the adapter, which I had to go back for!) booted the donor Dell.

Going into the BIOS and checking boot devices it showed the raid controller as a bootable device, selecting this as the first boot device (I'm very impatient!) and saving and rebooting.

As the machine ran through its POST it showed the output of the RAID controller showing the drives as being connected.

At this point, do I go into the RAID controller and check on the integrity of the drives and see if I have to dirty import the array?


I left it to boot.

After what I would politely class as lengthy wait, during which time Windows must have been installing the new device drivers required to work. It booted to a login screen and took 10 minutes for it to register the USB keyboard and mouse that had been plugged in.
Sometimes patience is a virtue!

After logging in with cached credentials for my admin account (remember network settings are applied to a device that no longer exists within the machine!) I reconfigured the newly installed NIC to the correct IP settings and then proceeded to copy off 630,000 files.

4 failed, I have no idea why, but I'm going to dump lists of both directories then diff them. Nice and easys.