How I dealt with a QEMU to Xen conversion

Step by step.

I'm going to run another. This is just for my terrible memory

At a weekend/evening...

Pause/shutdown VM running on QEMU and copy it as a new machine. Boot back up.

On the vm host you need to run the following replacing image with what you have. You need to convert from a raw (.img) to VMDK (vmware).

qemu-img convert -f raw -O vmdk clonedmachine.img imageexport.vmdk

This will dump it into the same folder.

Shift it over to your machine (may take a while depending on network), then after that within XenCenter go to File then Import, select the VMDK on your machine (or the network location) and it will pull the file over and convert it for you. It will prompt you to save an OS-fix disk that will fix imported vm to work with Xen.

After completing all these steps it should start and be working.

  • If a static IP has been assigned ensure the old machine is turned off before the new one.
  • Same with DHCP, the MAC address follows the machine and could cause confusion with DHCP
  • I took a copy of a rarely used server to test with to make sure IF there were two machines on the network that were identical it wouldn't be too disastrous.

Let's see what happens come Monday when I run another test. findings for my next set of rambles.
Also the image, first page of creative commons image search for conversion.... Amazing...

Monday update

So some more things to take note of that have cropped up since the migration of the test machine.

  • MAC address changes so any DHCP reservations may fail. This won't be a problem if servers have a static IP assigned rather than a dynamically assigned one..